Canship NL

Recuitment Policy

The company is certified by Transport Canada as a Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service (SRPS) and in turn is compliant with the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006. There is a comprehensive recruitment policy that is contained in the shore manual, Part 4-Personnel. Further to this process the company and senior management does not use means, mechanisms or lists intended to prevent or deter any seafarers from gaining employment for which they are qualified on board a vessel. The minimum age for employment with the company is 18 years. When vacancies occur, these are posted internally and/or externally to the local newspapers, relevant web sites and job banks.


Furthermore, the company does not charge the seafarers, directly or indirectly, fees for seafarers recruitment and placement, or for providing employment to seafarers, other than the cost of the seafarer obtaining a medical certificate, the seafarers’ record of service or a passport or other similar personal travel documents other than the visa if required which is paid by the company. Refer to Appendix D for personnel requirements. Prerequisites are required prior to employment and employee is responsible for all related costs to acquire.


All statutory certificates are reviewed for authenticity and the issuing authority is contacted to verify the certificates are valid and not fraudulently obtained and employment references are verified.


The company has an electronic payroll and personnel database that provides an up-to-date list of all seafarers recruited and placed. This system can provide a complete register of all seafarers recruited and placed and also records of employment as required.


Through the utilization of an electronic personnel database, electronic and/or hard copies of all certificates, qualifications, training and endorsements are kept in personnel files of this database. This database and the personal information contained within has restricted access and is password protected.


All certificates with an expiry are recorded and validity of all certificates is monitored by the respective HR Coordinator. This includes registry and tracking of medical certificates, restrictions and expiry. The HR Coordinator checks personnel files to ensure all certificates, including medical fitness, are current prior to the crew-member joining the vessel.


All seafarers are either represented by a union while working under a collective bargaining agreement or have individual contracts of employment with the company.