Canship NL

Environmental Statement and Goals

The Company fully recognizes the environmental impact of sea transport of all commodities and is committed to prevent pollution or eliminate pollution whenever possible.

In pursuant of this the Company environmental management system will define and document all procedures and instructions commensurate and appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of activities, products and services.

Emphasis on safe ship operation in accordance with procedures is the most effective means of protecting the environment. All company personnel will work in an environmentally friendly manner and aim for continual improvement of environmental performance and pollution prevention at all times.

Targets and objectives for reduction of identified environmental impacts to air, sea and land where possible will be set and periodically reviewed.

Environmental issues will be incorporated into everyday business decisions and activities. Monitoring of appropriate technology and management practices will be done to determine if any enhanced environmental performance can be achieved.

This, as part of the ISO14001:2015 standard applies to all company employees. It will be also communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the organization and be made available to the public.

Targets for reduction in period 2020-2025


Landing of Code I (E-waste) all to be to an approved recycling facility  100% compliance Purchasing and ships to ensure all code I (e-waste) products are landed to approved recycling facilities. Vessels


All departments
Reduction in Packing plastics sent to vessels 5% Reduction by 2025 Purchasing Dept to request environmentally friendly packaging to be used whenever possible when arranging spares / provisions

Crew to limit use of plastics onboard whenever possible

Vessels Purchasing / Vessel Management Team
Reduction in Engine Room liquid waste generation 5% Reduction by 2025 Liquid waste generation to be kept to a minimum.

Rapid action on identified leaks and adherence to PMS

Vessels Vessel Management Team/ Superintendent
Reduction of fossil fuel consumption for transportation 10 examples per quarter Working from home when possible


Office All departments
Move to more environmentally friendly chemicals, cleaners and paints used onboard Specific examples of changes to be reported to EMT Superintendents and Purchasing to consider the environmental impact of the pants, cleaning products and chemicals used onboard. Vessels Purchasing / Vessel Management Team